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Everglades Depth Estimation Network (EDEN) for Support of Biological and Ecological Assessments
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Status Report - FY12

Period Covered: October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012

Project: South Florida Surface Water Monitoring Network for Support of MAP Projects
Agency: U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
USGS Point of Contact: Pamela Telis,, 904-232-2602
USACE Point of Contact: April Patterson, 904-232-2610; Sue Wilcox, 904-232-1115
Agreement: USGS IA#28 under MOA between USGS and USACE

This annual report for 2012 summarizes the major accomplishments, lists deliverables and reports, and outlines the work plan for 2013 for the EDEN project. The EDEN's primary deliverable and product continues to be the EDENweb (; the project website that provides all data, results, documentation, and other project information for EDEN users.

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Download "2012 Annual Report" (PDF file, 0.2 MB)

I. Major Accomplishments

II. Support from other Programs and Funding Sources

Greater Everglades PES funds continue to support the EDEN project by funding efforts by Paul Conrads (USGS-SC), Heather Henkel (USGS-St. Pete), Bryan McCloskey (USGS-St. Pete), and Matt Petkewich (USGS-SC). Additionally, GE PES provides some funds for Pamela Telis (USGS-Jacksonville) in her role as project coordinator and liaison with the USACE.

III. Significant Meetings/Workshops/Conferences

IV. Administrative (Contractual and Budgetary)

V. FY12 Deliverables/Reports

VI. FY13 Workplan

This plan includes work elements funded from both RECOVER MAP and USGS GE PES:

VII. Anticipated Needs and Issues

VIII. Funding Status

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