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Everglades Depth Estimation Network (EDEN) for Support of Biological and Ecological Assessments
Coastal EDEN
Photo of a water level gage

Coastal EDEN

Image of data obtained when clicking on markers on map

To view information and data for a specific gage, click on the colored markers on the map below.

Coastal EDEN presents real-time data for the oligihaline/mesohaline zone in the Southern Everglades. These coastal areas, or specifically the Coastal Oligohaline Wetlands Zone (sometimes referred to as "the coastal fringe" or the "zone of change"), are critical in evaluating the hydrologic and ecological responses to modifications of the water delivery system from restoration and future climate change. Hydrologic changes, either from flow alterations or climate change, will first be manifested along the coastal fringe. These areas experience tidal backwater conditions, and increases in flow and (or) sea-level rise may move this seaward or landward. Coastal areas will probably exhibit larger relative changes in hydroperiods as compared to inland areas.

This page allows you to display current hydrologic data for USGS-operated coastal stations in south Florida. These data are stored in the USGS National Water Information System (NWIS) database. To download current and historical data and data for other discontinued and non-real-time gages, go to South Florida Hydrology Data Download.

The Coastal Salinity Index (CSI) utilizes salinity data to characterize saline (drought) and freshwater (wet) conditions in coastal areas. The CSI is site-specific and can be computed for multiple time intervals from 1- to 24-months, to help users evaluate response to monthly (and longer) precipitation and streamflow conditions. The Coastal Salinity Index (CSI) was developed to characterize coastal drought, monitor changing salinity conditions, and improve understanding of the effects of changing salinities on fresh and saltwater ecosystems, fish habitat, and freshwater availability for municipal and industrial use.

Download the Coastal EDEN metadata record.

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Download the CSI data for the Coastal EDEN gages. Or view the User Guide to Coastal EDEN.

Data Parameters Statistics
Select the parameter you would like to display. (Click on individual statistics for more information.) Not all parameters are available for all stations. See Stations list below for available parameters by station. Select the statistic you would like to view. (Click on individual statistics for more information.)
Water Level (ft. NAVD88) Current conditions (05/19/2024)
Water Temperature (°C) Seven-day average (05/13/2024–05/19/2024)
Salinity (PPT) Seven-day change (05/13/2024–05/19/2024 minus 05/06/2024–05/12/2024)

7-Day Average
Coastal EDEN
Water Level Data
Purple Icon <= -2 ft. NAVD88
Blue Icon -2 – -1 ft. NAVD88
Green Icon -1 – 0 ft. NAVD88
Yellow Icon 0 – 1 ft. NAVD88
Orange Icon 1 – 2 ft. NAVD88
Red Icon 2 – 3 ft. NAVD88
White Icon > 3 ft. NAVD88
Black Icon Not available
Coastal EDEN stations and measured parameters are listed below. Click the station name to go to the EDEN Station Information page.
Alligator Creek
Water Level
Barron River
Water Level, Water Temperature, Salinity
Bottle Creek at Rookery Branch
Water Level, Water Temperature, Salinity
Broad River near the Cutoff
Water Level
Chatham River near the Watson Place
Water Level
East Side Creek
Water Level, Water Temperature, Salinity
Water Level
gw,4, Water Temperature, Salinity
Harney River
Water Level
Joe Bay 2E
Water Level, Water Temperature, Salinity
Lostmans River below Second Bay
Water Level
Manatee Bay Creek
Water Level
McCormick Creek at mouth
Water Level, Water Temperature, Salinity
gw,1, Water Temperature
Mud Creek at mouth
Water Level, Water Temperature, Salinity
North River Upstream of Cutoff
Water Level
Raulerson Brothers Canal
Water Level
Shark River Below Gunboat Island
Water Level
Stillwater Creek
Water Level
Taylor River at mouth
Water Level, Water Temperature, Salinity
Trout Creek at mouth
Water Level, Water Temperature, Salinity
Upstream Broad River
Water Level
Upstream Taylor River
Water Level, Water Temperature, Salinity
West Highway Creek
Water Level, Water Temperature, Salinity
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