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Bounding Coordinates Search

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Enter a latitude range from 25 to 27 degrees north.



Enter a longitude range from 80 to 82 degrees west.

You have selected stations located from 25° to 27° N.
and from 80° to 82° W.

322 stations fall within those bounding coordinates.

Result Set Map

Leaflet Map (showing location of 322 gages). To use the map, zoom in or out using the buttons on the left. To view information for a gage, click on the orange pinorange pin. This map requires enabled JavaScript to view; if you cannot fully access the information on this page, please contact Bryan McCloskey.

References to non-U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) products do not constitute an endorsement by the DOI.

Station nameLatitudeLongitude
East_Side_Creek25.14° N81.06° W
McCormick_Creek_at_mouth25.17° N80.73° W
Alligator_Creek25.18° N80.79° W
Raulerson_Brothers_Canal25.19° N81.13° W
Taylor_River_at_mouth25.19° N80.64° W
Mud_Creek_at_mouth25.2° N80.58° W
Upstream_Taylor_River25.21° N80.65° W
Trout_Creek_at_mouth25.21° N80.53° W
CP25.23° N80.7° W
Stillwater_Creek25.23° N80.49° W
Joe_Bay_2E25.23° N80.52° W
West_Highway_Creek25.24° N80.45° W
NCL25.24° N80.74° W
E14625.25° N80.67° W
Taylor_Slough_wetland_at_E14625.25° N80.67° W
G-377725.25° N80.67° W
NMP25.25° N80.8° W
OL25.26° N80.61° W
Manatee_Bay_Creek25.26° N80.42° W
BSC25.27° N81.16° W
EPSW25.27° N80.51° W
P3725.28° N80.69° W
EVER5A25.29° N80.57° W
EP1R25.29° N80.45° W
EVER5B25.29° N80.57° W
C111_wetland_east_of_FIU_LTER_TSPH525.29° N80.52° W
EVER625.3° N80.51° W
CT27R25.3° N80.49° W
CV5NR25.3° N80.49° W
EVER725.31° N80.54° W
TSH25.31° N80.63° W
CT50R25.31° N80.52° W
NP4625.32° N80.8° W
G-125125.32° N80.57° W
CY225.33° N80.68° W
CY325.33° N80.75° W
NP6725.33° N80.65° W
S18C_T25.33° N80.53° W
NR25.34° N80.91° W
North_River_Upstream_of_Cutoff25.34° N80.91° W
EVER425.34° N80.55° W
EVER825.35° N80.48° W
R12725.35° N80.61° W
Upstream_North_River25.36° N80.9° W
SH325.36° N81.08° W
P3825.37° N80.83° W
DO125.37° N80.69° W
Shark_River_Below_Gunboat_Island25.37° N81.04° W
SR125.38° N80.81° W
DO225.39° N80.74° W
SP25.39° N80.8° W
NP7225.39° N80.7° W
TS225.4° N80.61° W
TSB25.4° N80.61° W
TE25.41° N80.96° W
SH225.41° N80.96° W
NTS1425.42° N80.64° W
S175_T25.42° N80.57° W
G737_T25.42° N80.57° W
S175_H25.42° N80.57° W
CN25.42° N80.94° W
SH525.42° N81.06° W
S332_T25.42° N80.59° W
SH425.42° N81.06° W
E11225.42° N80.61° W
Harney_River25.43° N81.09° W
NP4425.43° N80.72° W
NTS125.44° N80.59° W
L31W25.44° N80.59° W
NP6225.44° N80.78° W
R311025.45° N80.63° W
P3525.46° N80.86° W
NTS1025.46° N80.61° W
Bottle_Creek_at_Rookery_Branch25.47° N80.85° W
MO-21525.47° N80.85° W
BR25.48° N80.99° W
S332D_T25.48° N80.56° W
NTS1825.48° N80.57° W
CR325.5° N80.66° W
A1325.5° N80.71° W
CR225.5° N80.62° W
Upstream_Broad_River25.5° N80.93° W
Broad_River_near_the_Cutoff25.5° N81.08° W
EDEN_325.51° N80.93° W
P3625.53° N80.8° W
LO325.54° N81.18° W
RG225.54° N80.61° W
NP20625.54° N80.67° W
RG325.54° N80.58° W
S332B_T25.55° N80.56° W
Lostmans_River_below_Second_Bay25.56° N81.16° W
Upstream_Lostmans_River25.57° N81° W
G-343725.57° N80.57° W
OT25.58° N80.96° W
RG125.58° N80.61° W
WW25.59° N81.04° W
LO225.59° N81.04° W
G-362825.59° N80.53° W
P3425.61° N80.94° W
MO-21425.61° N81.03° W
P3325.61° N80.7° W
TMC25.61° N80.87° W
G-150225.62° N80.58° W
G-362625.62° N80.51° W
ANGEL25.62° N80.54° W
NP20325.62° N80.74° W
G-327325.63° N80.58° W
NESRS525.63° N80.66° W
G-59625.64° N80.51° W
NESRS425.64° N80.65° W
G-62025.66° N80.77° W
G211_T25.66° N80.5° W
G211_H25.66° N80.5° W
NP20225.66° N80.71° W
L31N_725.66° N80.5° W
G-327225.66° N80.54° W
L31N_525.69° N80.5° W
NP20525.69° N80.85° W
NESRS125.69° N80.63° W
L31NS25.7° N80.5° W
G-357525.7° N80.5° W
L31N_425.7° N80.5° W
G-357725.7° N80.5° W
G-357825.7° N80.51° W
BCA2025.71° N80.93° W
Chatham_River_near_the_Watson_Place25.71° N81.25° W
BCA1025.71° N81.02° W
NP20125.72° N80.72° W
L31N_325.72° N80.5° W
NESRS225.72° N80.56° W
MET-125.72° N80.59° W
MO-21625.73° N81.16° W
SPARO25.73° N80.83° W
NESRS325.74° N80.5° W
G-357625.75° N80.51° W
L31NN25.75° N80.5° W
L31N_125.75° N80.5° W
G-357425.75° N80.5° W
LOOP2_H25.75° N80.95° W
LOOP2_T25.75° N80.95° W
G119_T25.76° N80.48° W
G119_H25.76° N80.48° W
S336_T25.76° N80.5° W
S336_H25.76° N80.5° W
LOOP1_T25.76° N80.91° W
S380_H25.76° N80.45° W
S334_T25.76° N80.5° W
S334_H25.76° N80.5° W
S12A_T25.76° N80.82° W
LOOP1_H25.76° N80.91° W
S333_T25.76° N80.67° W
S12D_T25.76° N80.68° W
S12C_T25.76° N80.73° W
S12B_T25.76° N80.77° W
S333_H25.76° N80.67° W
S12D_H25.76° N80.68° W
S12C_H25.76° N80.73° W
S12B_H25.76° N80.77° W
S12A_H25.76° N80.82° W
S335_T25.78° N80.48° W
S335_H25.78° N80.48° W
S343B_T25.78° N80.84° W
S343B_H25.78° N80.84° W
BCA925.78° N80.91° W
3BS1_GW225.78° N80.51° W
3BS1W125.78° N80.51° W
EDEN_1025.79° N80.62° W
G-367625.79° N80.42° W
3B-SE25.79° N80.5° W
S343A_T25.79° N80.86° W
W525.79° N80.7° W
S343A_H25.79° N80.86° W
BCA1125.79° N81.1° W
Lopez_River_Near_Lopez_Campsite25.79° N81.3° W
BCA1925.79° N81.2° W
New_River_at_Sunday_Bay25.8° N81.26° W
SRS125.8° N80.58° W
W225.8° N80.81° W
SITE_6525.81° N80.72° W
G-148825.82° N80.48° W
Turner_River_nr_Chokoloskee_Island25.83° N81.34° W
TI-825.83° N80.54° W
TI-925.84° N80.6° W
G-376125.84° N80.43° W
G-381825.84° N80.45° W
Tamiami_Canal_40-Mile_Bend_to_Monroe25.85° N80.98° W
3AS3_GW25.86° N80.77° W
3AS3W125.86° N80.77° W
EDEN_125.86° N80.9° W
EDEN_825.87° N80.68° W
Barron_River25.87° N81.38° W
G-97525.87° N80.46° W
SITE_7125.88° N80.56° W
Tamiami_Canal_Monroe_to_Carnestown25.89° N81.26° W
BCA825.89° N81.27° W
NWWF25.89° N80.42° W
G-356725.9° N80.44° W
SITE_69E25.91° N80.59° W
SITE_69W25.91° N80.59° W
S344_H25.92° N80.84° W
S344_T25.92° N80.84° W
W1425.94° N80.67° W
S337_T25.94° N80.44° W
S31_H25.94° N80.44° W
W1125.94° N80.75° W
EDEN_725.95° N80.5° W
BCA425.96° N81.1° W
BCA525.97° N80.93° W
SITE_6425.98° N80.67° W
3ASW25.99° N80.84° W
BARW425.99° N81.35° W
W1826° N80.78° W
SITE_7626.01° N80.48° W
S151_T26.01° N80.51° W
S151_H26.01° N80.51° W
EDEN_1226.01° N80.59° W
W1526.01° N80.68° W
BCA1526.04° N81.03° W
BCA1426.04° N81.3° W
BARW6A26.05° N81.34° W
3A-526.06° N80.71° W
BCA1626.06° N81.16° W
S9A_T26.06° N80.44° W
EDEN_626.07° N80.9° W
EDEN_1426.07° N80.76° W
3AS26.08° N80.69° W
BCA1326.09° N81.05° W
EDEN_426.09° N80.51° W
L28S226.09° N80.83° W
L28S126.09° N80.84° W
S340_T26.12° N80.61° W
S340_H26.12° N80.61° W
3A926.12° N80.65° W
EDEN_526.12° N80.75° W
L28_GAPG126.12° N80.98° W
L28_GAP26.12° N80.98° W
SITE_9926.14° N80.37° W
S34E_H26.15° N80.44° W
S141_H26.15° N80.44° W
S34_H26.15° N80.44° W
S141_T26.15° N80.44° W
BCA326.16° N81.22° W
S142_H26.16° N80.45° W
S142_T26.16° N80.44° W
3A1226.17° N80.68° W
S140_T26.17° N80.83° W
S140_H26.17° N80.83° W
SITE_6226.17° N80.75° W
S143_T26.18° N80.45° W
EDEN_1326.18° N80.37° W
S11A_H26.18° N80.45° W
S11A_T26.18° N80.45° W
3AN1_GW426.19° N80.74° W
3AN1W126.19° N80.74° W
SITE_6326.19° N80.53° W
BCA1226.19° N81.09° W
BCA226.2° N81.29° W
S11B_H26.2° N80.45° W
S11B_T26.2° N80.46° W
BCA1726.21° N81.17° W
OKAL2926.21° N81.35° W
BCA1826.21° N80.98° W
S339_T26.22° N80.69° W
S339_H26.22° N80.69° W
S144_T26.22° N80.4° W
S144_H26.22° N80.4° W
3A1126.22° N80.74° W
S145_T26.22° N80.37° W
S145_H26.22° N80.37° W
EDEN_926.22° N80.59° W
S146_T26.23° N80.33° W
S146_H26.23° N80.33° W
S11C_T26.23° N80.46° W
S11C_H26.23° N80.46° W
WCA2U126.24° N80.36° W
BCA126.24° N81.32° W
2A30026.25° N80.41° W
3ANW_GW26.27° N80.78° W
3ANW26.27° N80.78° W
3ANE_GW26.28° N80.6° W
3ANE26.28° N80.6° W
3A1026.28° N80.74° W
SITE_1926.28° N80.31° W
S190_T26.28° N80.97° W
S190_H26.28° N80.97° W
SITE_1726.29° N80.41° W
WCA2U326.29° N80.41° W
WFEED_O26.3° N81.07° W
WCA2E426.31° N80.36° W
WCA2F426.32° N80.38° W
WCA2RT26.33° N80.51° W
USSO_O26.33° N80.88° W
USSO_T26.33° N80.88° W
S8_T26.33° N80.77° W
S150_T26.33° N80.54° W
S7_T26.34° N80.54° W
WCA2E126.35° N80.35° W
S39_H26.36° N80.3° W
S10A_T26.36° N80.31° W
S10A_H26.36° N80.31° W
WCA2F126.36° N80.37° W
S10C_T26.37° N80.35° W
S10C_H26.37° N80.35° W
EDEN_1126.38° N80.46° W
WC2A15926.38° N80.45° W
S10D_T26.39° N80.38° W
S10D_H26.39° N80.38° W
WC2AS126.39° N80.49° W
SOUTH_CA126.42° N80.34° W
WC2AN126.45° N80.46° W
SITE_926.46° N80.29° W
G339_H26.46° N80.45° W
G339_T26.46° N80.45° W
G338_T26.47° N80.45° W
SITE_8C26.5° N80.22° W
SITE_8T26.5° N80.23° W
WCA1ME26.51° N80.31° W
SITE_726.52° N80.35° W
NORTH_CA126.59° N80.35° W
G251_T26.6° N80.44° W
G301_T26.68° N80.38° W
G300_T26.68° N80.36° W
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