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Atlas of Pollen and Spores of The Florida Everglades

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Figure 1. Pre-drainage distribution of vegetation types in the greater Everglades ecosystem (modified from McVoy et al., 2004). Inset map shows geographic boundaries of Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Preserve, and the Water Conservation Areas. Shaded area in inset indicates the present extent of the Everglades wetland.


Table 1. Dominant plants and environmental parameters characteristic of main vegetational associations of greater Everglades ecosystem (Abrahamson and Hartnett, 1990; Kushlan, 1990; Loveless, 1959).

Table 2. Taxa included in the study and plant communities in which they are present. Presence data compiled from Alexander and Crook (1973), Austin et al. (1977), Goodrick (1974), Kushlan (1990), Loveless (1950), Riegel (1965), Richardson (1977), Wood and Tanner (1980), Willard et al. (2002).

Table 3. Collection information and common names of taxa included in pollen atlas.

Table 4. Aperture and ornamentation summary.

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