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Atlas of Pollen and Spores of The Florida Everglades


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We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Joan Nowicke, Ted Bradley, and Dan Livingstone in gaining access to collections at herbaria of the National Museum of Natural History, George Mason University, and Duke University. We also are indebted to Raymond Orlanski, Johan Groot, Robert Norris, Alicia Lesnikowska, Charles Felix, and Eleanora Robbins for sharing their reference slides and herbarium collections. We greatly appreciate help in plant collection and identification from Tim Towles, Lorraine Heisler, Michael Korvela, and John Zahina. Laboratory assistance was provided by Tom Sheehan, Patrick Buchanan, Julie Damon, Jim Murray, and Neil Waibel. Thoughtful reviews were provided by Eric Grimm, Alfred Traverse, Dorothy Peteet, Raymond van der Ham, and an anonymous reviewer. This research was supported by the U.S. Geological Survey South Florida Priority Ecosystem Studies Program, the South Florida Water Management District, and the Duke University Wetland Center.

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